My Interview Journey at Pratilipi

2 min readMar 18, 2021


Let me tell you, joining Pratilipi is one of the best decision i have taken in my life.

So as an individual i always tried my best to stay calm in my job, be productive , be honest in life, learn from anywhere, not to limit myself, not to feel that i am perfect, taking my job seriously, enjoy the work, enjoy the criticism around me, share knowledge with my team, maintain healthy relationship with everybody, research more how i can do better, it is ok to get upset when i fail sometime and eat some good food to recharge my mood.

It was 29th June, 2020 a Monday afternoon.

Pandemic Lockdown definitely pushed me to cook some good food as it was trending that time. It was raining that day. I was so bored at home — as i didn’t meet with my family since 2 years, didn’t see any new faces, no interesting mandate to work since the entire world was so uncertain due to Covid that time.

The call from Pratilipi was very special as i got a chance to speak to 7 of the beautiful minds during my interview. I was not worried about my CTC expectation, I was not worried about my final result of the interview, I just wanted to enjoy the conversation with the panel.

Recruiter interview normally looks like — how many joiners you had in certain tenure, what portals have you used, Are you good at boolean search, How you do sourcing, What skills you have worked — very generic.

During Pratilipi Interview — I was happy that i was talking to Engineers, Product Team, VP, Founder :-) . Questions were totally practical, putting forward both sides expectaion on one table and work together, understanding product, skill and functionality well to identify the best fit, Understand the culture well to find the best fit, creating own presence , freedom to work, decision making…. It was an awesome interview and i successfully joined Pratilipi in July, 2020.

Post joining what happened ; stay tuned for the next publish.




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